ASC Original Stars Shine at Cinco de Mayo Tournament

May 8, 2024

This past weekend, May 4th and 5th, 2024, the ASC Original Stars, a team bonded by decades of friendship, showcased their teamwork and sportsmanship at the annual Cinco de Mayo tournament in Schertz, Texas. Following a break after a successful HFA season, the seasoned squad demonstrated why they are a force to be reckoned with.ure of the ASC Original Stars!

Group Stage Highlights

The tournament began on a high note for the Original Stars. In their first game, the team secured a 2-0 victory, with goals scored by Navid Nikooei and Rabiyeh Elasfouri. The momentum continued into the second match, where Navid Nikooei again led the scoring, netting two goals to secure another 2-0 win. The third match, a strategic 0-0 draw, allowed the team to advance to the semi-finals.

The Semi-Final Challenge

In the semi-finals, the Original Stars faced a younger and energetic team. Despite battling fatigue and injuries, the team displayed immense resilience. Berkey scored a crucial goal, although it wasn’t enough to overturn the 2-0 deficit, ending the match 2-1.

Coach Tom’s Reflections

Coach Tom praised the team’s performance, emphasizing that the enduring friendships and shared memories were more valuable than the match outcomes. He expressed gratitude for the dedication and support that have sustained ASC for so many years.

Team Roster and Supporters

The tournament was a testament to the strong community around the team.

Each player played a vital role, including:

Amir Ahmadi
Masoud Ahmadi
Hany Ahmad
Rabiyeh Elasfouri
Omar Mendoza
David Thanoon
Shayan Malayerizadeh
Shahab Malayerizadeh
Kiomarse Eskandari
Berkey Ekim
Farnam Farzam
Pedro Puac
Alborz Nowamooz
Ashkan Nowamooz
Ali Karimi
Abe Nimroozi
Navid Nikooei
Orkun Khaya
Iraj Ghanavati
Alvaro Garcia
Ali Abtahi
Pedram Kaivani
Emerson Puac

Support from the sidelines was equally enthusiastic, featuring:

– Babak Far:A former basketball player turned into a goalkeeper by Coach Tom, who became a crucial asset in securing another HFA trophy.
– Armen Far:Supportive son of Babak.
– Amir Molavi: A consistent presence, cheering the team on.
– Rahim Nimroozi:One of the club’s original founders, his legacy continues to inspire.
– Sofia Nikooei: Wife of player Navid Nikooei, whose presence was especially cheered as they are expecting twins, marking another joyful event for the club.

Moving Forward

The ASC Original Stars look forward to continuing their journey, fueled by a blend of experience and camaraderie. As they prepare for future challenges, the team remains a beacon of community and sporting spirit in the ASC family. Stay connected with us for more stories and updates on the enduring legacy and exciting future of the ASC Original Stars!



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